TERMS AND CONDITIONS Edwardian Hotels Ltd,

General Terms & Conditions Meetings/Events/Exhibition/Groups

All meetings, events, groups and exhibitions contracted with ‘Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer St Hotel, and The Client shall be subject without exclusion to the following Terms and Conditions. In these Terms and Conditions and accompanying contract “The Hotel” means Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer St Hotel and affiliates and the “The Client” means the person, organisation or company responsible for booking the event. Failure to return these Terms and Conditions together with the contract may cause the hotel to release the reservation and re-book the space/rooms with another client.


1.1. The Client shall give written details of numbers attending the event no less than 10 working days beforehand. Any increase or decrease against contracted numbers must be advised as soon as practicable and the acceptance will be at The Hotel’s discretion dependent on the room/suite booked.

1.2. Should the final attendee numbers decrease from the agreed numbers in 1.1, full cancellation charges will be applicable for the reduced numbers.

1.3. Guests with food allergies and dietary requirements may be accommodated with an alternative menu from that selected for the event although, as the food is prepared in one kitchen, an absolute separation of allergens cannot be guaranteed. A minimum of 7 working days’ notice is required for all alternative menus.

1.4. Numbers attending the event must not exceed the final contracted numbers. In accordance to the licencing regulations, hotel reserves the right to deny admission for exceeding numbers contracted or those set by the licensing authorities

Unless otherwise agreed in writing:

2.1. An initial non-refundable deposit of 25% of the estimated contracted revenue (as per the contract) is to be paid by The Client to The Hotel at the time the contract is signed.

2.2. 65% of the estimated contracted revenue (as per the contract) is to be paid by The Client to The Hotel 90 days prior to arrival.

2.3. Final balance of 10% of the estimated contracted revenue shall be made by The Client to The Hotel no later than 14 days prior to the date of the function.

2.4. Method of payment to be provided for any additional charges before the day of the event.


3.1. Credit facilities are available at The Hotel’s discretion subject to the client meeting the terms and conditions as laid down by the hotel’s credit control department.

3.2. Value of booking cannot exceed credit limit without method of payment for the remaining balance being confirmed. Final balance payment to be made according to payment terms.

3.3. The Hotel may withdraw credit facilities at any time. Credit facilities must be agreed prior to the contracting of any services.

3.4. All outstanding invoices are to be paid within 30 days from the date of invoices.

We reserve the right to claim statutory interest at 2% above the Bank of England reference rate in force on the date the debt becomes overdue and at any subsequent rate where the reference rate changes and the debt remains unpaid in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.


Should The Client intend to use The Hotel’s name or trademark for advertisement, tickets, and posters or in any digital format for the event, prior written approval is required from The Hotel.


The Hotel shall not be responsible for the damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left in the hotel, prior to, during, and following the event. We remind you that when bringing in valuables, including audio-visual equipment, you do so at your own risk. The Hotel accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any valuables left on the premises. We recommend that you insure yourself against any loss or damage.

The Client will be liable for the cost of repairs carried out as a result of any damage caused to any part of the hotel or the equipment by negligence, wilful act or default of any person invited by you or on your behalf to The Hotel.

Please note The Hotel is not responsible for any items left behind. The Client has to ensure that all items left behind are collected from the hotel within 24 hours after the event. Failure to do so could result in a daily storage charge and/or disposal fee. The Client must ensure they have sufficient staff for the collection of these items.

The Client agrees to pay The Hotel for any food, beverage or any other service not pre-arranged but made available on request of The Client.

The Hotel will confirm the event information (“Function Sheet”) in writing and all subsequent amendments to it as per Client requirement. The Hotel will send all amended function sheet by email to the contact on file. The amendment to the Function sheet is deemed to be accepted if The Client has not disputed within three workings days. The Function Sheet and subsequent amendments along with the General Terms & Conditions forms part of this contract.


6.1. Not act in a disorderly manner, arrive and leave promptly at the appropriate time and obey any reasonable request by The Hotel’s employees.

6.2. Not allow any live animals to be brought into the hotel without written consent.

6.3. Remind clients, contractors and guests alike that they must adhere to noise abatement requirements when entering and leaving the hotel premises. In addition, clients and their agents, associates and guests should respect the tranquillity that is expected by our neighbours in the immediate residential area surrounding the hotel during the hours of 9pm until 7am.

6.4. Not carry out any electrical or other works at the hotel, including amplification and lighting, without The Hotel’s prior consent.

6.5. Not bring any dangerous or hazardous items into the hotel and remove any items promptly when requested by The Hotel.

6.6. Comply with all licensing laws and other regulations relating to The Hotel.

6.7. Not consume any food and drink at the hotel not supplied by The Hotel or its authorised caterers without The Hotel’s prior written consent.

6.8. Not affix any material of any kind to any floors, walls or ceilings without The Hotel’s prior written consent.

6.9. Be aware that damage to the fabric of The Hotel including carpets and walls will be charged at full repair rate or replacement value to The Client when such damage is caused by the negligence of The Client, its guests, agents and associates. The foregoing specifically includes contractors involved in the construction of exhibition booths, staging and the building of presentation sets, which must be free standing and not fastened to any walls or floors.

6.10. Be aware that public areas, passages, corridors and foyers cannot be used to display promotional materials or individual signage or for the registration of guests without written prior approval.

6.11. All external contractors must arrive and depart through the entrances that have been pre-agreed with the event manager in charge of the event. The main hotel entrance may not be used for the delivery of any items whatsoever. It is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that their guests, exhibitors and clients are aware of the above restrictions.

6.12. Submit all plans and schedules of materials to the meetings and events department for the proper consents relating to health and safety, COSHH, fire regulations and any other relevant regulation as necessary, prior to setting up the meeting/event/exhibition at least 20 working days prior to the event.

6.13. Clear and leave clean all areas by the expiry time of the hire period. Failure to satisfactorily comply will entitle The Hotel to make additional charges for clearing and cleaning the areas concerned.

6.14. Provide own ladders, scaffold towers and cherry pickers for rigging in a safe manner. The Hotel is unable to lend or hire hotel equipment for this purpose.

Any person in persistent and material breach of these conditions may be refused admission to or will be removed from The Hotel, and The Hotel shall have the right to forthwith terminate the contract whilst The Client remains fully liable for the contractual charges.


The Hotel may under the following circumstances cancel the event without any liability:

7.1. If the hotel or any part of the hotel is closed due to circumstances beyond its control.

7.2. The Hotel may with absolute discretion move the event and accommodation to a different Hotel of a same or higher category. The Hotel will give reasonable notice in writing.

7.3. If The Client becomes insolvent or enters into liquidation, bankruptcy or receivership.

7.4. If The Client is more than 7 days in arrears with any payment to The Hotel.

7.5. To avoid any material breach of these terms and conditions.

7.6. If it might prejudice the reputation of The Hotel.

7.7. The Hotel may with absolute discretion and without giving reason, refuse to let the premises to The Client should the actual client or nature of the function be different from that declared.

Where the nature of the reservation, the name of the end client and the name of the person responsible for payment is different from the person making the reservation, this should be notified to The Hotel at the time of booking.


If The Client cancels the event, including contracted accommodation and attrition, less than and including 24 months in advance it will pay The Hotel the following sums and any other costs incurred by The Hotel on The Client’s behalf, less deposits already received.

8.1. Cancellations outside 365 days prior to the event 25% non-refundable deposit will be charged and withheld.

8.2. Cancellations between 270 and 364 days (inclusive) in advance, 35% of the estimated contracted revenue of the booking will be charged.

8.3. Cancellations between 180 and 269 days (inclusive) in advance, 50% of the estimated contracted revenue of the booking will be charged.

8.4. Cancellations between 90 and 179 days (inclusive) in advance, 75% of the estimated contracted revenue of the booking will be charged.

8.5. Cancellations between 30 and 89 days (inclusive) in advance, 90% of the estimated contracted revenue of the booking will be charged.

8.6. Cancellations less than and including 29 days in advance, 100% of the estimated contracted revenue will be charged.


The client is entitled to following allocation and release periods for bookings. Any booking over 100 room nights will be provided specific release periods and conditions.

Up to 50 Room nights:

9.1. All non-booked rooms will be released 14 days prior to arrival without charge from 26 to 50 Room nights

9.2. 30% of the non-booked rooms will be released 30 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.3. All remaining non-booked rooms will be released 14 days prior to arrival without charge

From 51 to 100 Room nights

9.4. 15% of the non-booked rooms will be released 90 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.5. 30% of the remaining non-booked rooms will be released 60 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.6. 30% of the remaining non-booked rooms will be released 30 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.7. All remaining non-booked rooms will be released 14 days prior to arrival without charge

From 101 to 150 Room nights (subject to availability only)

9.8. 15% of the non-booked rooms will be released 120 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.9. 15% of the remaining non-booked rooms will be released 90 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.10. 30% of the remaining non-booked rooms will be released 60 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.11. 30% of the remaining non-booked rooms will be released 30 days out prior to arrival without charge

9.12. All remaining non-booked rooms to be released 14 days prior to arrival without charge

Every Guest will be required to provide their credit card details as guarantee for their reservation at the time of booking. Guests with valid room reservations who do not arrive on the day of reservation will be considered “no shows” and the applicable room rate for the nights reserved will be charged to individual’s credit card. Guests are allowed to cancel rooms 24 hours in advance prior to arrival, free of charge.


The client is entitled to the following scale of attrition in relation to any accommodation contracted if not agreed otherwise in writing.

10.1. 365 to 181 days and over: 20% of the original room block can be released without charge.

10.2. 180 days to 121 days: up to 10% of remaining room block can be released without charge.

10.3. 120 to 31 days: up to 5% of remaining room block can be released without charge.

10.4. Less than 30 to 0 days: 2 room nights can be released without charge.

Guests with valid room reservations who do not arrive on the day of reservation will be considered “no shows” and the applicable room rate for the nights reserved will be charged to The Client’s account, regardless of whether the client or the individual guest is supposed to settle the room account.

In the case of early departure, we will refer to the final rooming list presented prior to arrival, and the guest/s will be charged for the full stay stated on that final rooming list. In the event that the bedroom is being placed on the main account as per billing instructions, this will show as ‘unclaimed accommodation’ on the final bill.


We are committed to tailoring your event to meet your needs. We have a duty to ensure our premises are safe, secure and satisfies all applicable regulations, any vendors engaged by you to provide audio-visual, production, lighting, signage, décor or similar services, must submit detailed plans demonstrating compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. These plans are also subject to our approval.

We require a scheduled walk-through of your event space with the on-site representative AV provider, production, lighting, décor, and/or other event contact(s) to ensure there is no damage prior to load-in and after load-out. If production is extensive we require a Hotel liaison to facilitate load-in/out.


The Client may bring their own production company as well as any 3rd party suppliers/ contractors.

Prior to entering the hotel, all 3rd party contractors will be required to submit the relevant Health and Safety documents as requested by the Event Planner. Failure to provide this or failure to meet the standards set by The Hotel in terms of submission detail may result in The Hotel refusing entry on to the property.

The Client may not bring any food and beverage for the Event unless otherwise agreed by The Hotel.

Approved suppliers for all audio-visual and event production services to The Hotel are responsible for the complete Health and Safety management for all event productions within the hotel. This includes the following key responsibilities: Review of all pre event production Health and Safety documentation, on-site supervision of Event load in and out and production build including all rigging management.

In order to facilitate this service in a professional and timely manner, The Hotel will require receipt of the following documentation a minimum of 20 working days prior to the Event Date. The Production Company will be required to send all requested documentation to the dedicated Event Planner who will forward it directly to The Hotel. Should the documentation not be received by this time, the Event Planner will contact The Client and request that they contact their production company to ensure immediate receipt by The Hotel.

The following documents are required by the Event Planner:
Production schedule – from load in to load out - to include all elements of main production, 3rd party contractors and/or entertainment.
Room/Floor plan – outlining position of stage/set, FOH control and any floor mounted equipment that may pose a risk of trips.
Rigging plan – outlining an accurate plot of points to be used and information regarding the total load per hanging point – not total load on truss.
Reports of thorough examination complying with Regulation 10(1) must be provided for all lifting equipment and lifting accessories that are being used on the event, including electric motors/manual chain hoists, truss and rigging accessories such as steel safety cable and shackles – as stated part of LOLER 1998 – no exceptions.
Method statement for all tasks being undertaken – must be site specific and event specific.
Risk assessments for all tasks being undertaken – must be site specific and event specific.
Public liability insurance certificate.
IPAF licenses or similar (when required).
Fire test certificates for fabrics, backdrops & stage (when required).
Haze fluid data sheet (when required).
PAT Test certification.

On receipt and satisfactory sign off of the above documentation, the hotel will provide an experienced and competent representative to supervise the build of The Clients’ production company. This will include the following responsibilities:

Carry out supervision of all rigging management and production set builds where trussing is required and liaising with the production manager as to any areas of concern. Should these concerns not be rectified to The Hotel representative’s satisfaction, the representative has the right to halt all production works until such time as the issues are satisfactorily resolved.

Production Schedule
Final Rigging Plans to be submitted to The Hotel at least 2 weeks prior to the Event taking place at the hotel.
Plans to include detailed weight loadings and power load to the hotel supply intended for use.
Plans to be submitted in CAD format.
Risk Assessment and Method Statement to be provided to The Hotel representative 1 week prior to the Event taking place at the hotel.

Please send the above requested information to your event planner at The Hotel.


Private security is compulsory for the nature of your event, charged at £30.00 per hour for a minimum of 6 hours per guard. It is advisable to have one security guard for 100 guests; two security guards for up to 200 guests. In addition to this, a security charge will be implemented for any external supplier loading in and out of our event spaces. This will take effect from the moment they arrive onsite to the moment the de-rig is completed, at the same charge. External security is not permitted under any circumstances unless prior consent has been received by The Hotel.


Please advise if you will be delivering any items prior to the event. We will make every effort to store these items for you but this must be agreed in advance in writing. The Hotel will not be held responsible for any loss or damage. All deliveries must be addressed to your Event Planner, state the name of the event the date and the room the event is being hosted in.
Please note we have the below access and delivery restrictions:
Monday to Saturday: 07:00hrs – 23:00hrs
Sunday and Bank Holidays: 10:00hrs – 18:00hrs only


Each of the parties agree to comply (and shall procure that each of its officers and employees comply) with all applicable anti-bribery and modern slavery laws (including but not limited to the Bribery Act 2010 and Modern Slavery Act 2015). Our Privacy policy can be found at: https://www.edwardian.com/privacypolicy-en.html


Neither party shall be liable to the other for failure to perform its obligations under this agreement and/or any contract if that failure is caused by events beyond its reasonable control (“force majeure”). These events include but are not limited to:

16.1. Act of God (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves and floods).

16.2. War, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, mobilisation, requisition, or embargo; riot, commotion or disorder, unless solely restricted to employees of the Supplier or of his subcontractors.

16.3. Rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or military or usurped power, or civil war.

16.4. UK government guidelines and restrictions in relation to the COVID 19 pandemic affecting any services outlined in this agreement.