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Sustainable hotels in the UK, responsible business

We are committed to the wellbeing of our planet and its present and future inhabitants. We will conduct our business by striving to improve our overall ecological and carbon footprint, without compromising on our guests experience and satisfaction, using the most responsible working practices and building sustainable and eco friendly hotels in the UK.

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  • Intelli-Hood systems installed to reduce power consumption for kitchen extract systems in all hotels. New energy saving computer PCs have been rolled out.
  • LED bulbs introduced into all guest bedroom corridors and number of lights being reduced, as well as movement sensors fitted in low-use public and BOH areas & storerooms.
  • LED lighting in all public areas, corridors & conference rooms in 2011.
  • LED floodlight systems installed at all hotels controlled by dawn/dusk sensors.
  • Electricity consumption savings – 2008/2013 – 16%. Further reductions ongoing.


    • Weekly bulk stationary orders now coordinated by finance department in each hotel for all departments.
    • Batteries recycling in place.
    • Each year we produce an e-card for Christmas & in return they plant 20 trees on our behalf.
    • Bottle crushers have been installed in all hotels as appropriate.
    • Electronic tablets introduced at all reception desks (eliminating the need for printing registration cards for all arriving guests.

Rooms & Facilities

    • Fully recycled mattresses by Perpetua have been negotiated and introduced into the company.
    • Bathroom towels & eco-sheet changing strategies rolled out across the group together with guest amenity bathroom dispensers.
    • Reusable vinyl bathmats introduced to all guest bathrooms across the group in lieu of laundering linen variety daily.
    • Eco-smart pillows introduced for guest bedrooms.
    • The Gilchrist & Soames Essential Elements Collection’ of guest toiletries has been rolled out at all hotels. The signature formulations contain no parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA or propylene glycol. They do contain food-grade, naturally derived USP glycerine, natural conditioning.
    • Bathroom towels & eco-sheet changing strategies rolled out across the group together with guest amenity bathroom dispensers.
    • Reusable vinyl bathmats introduced to all guest bathrooms at Heathrow in lieu of laundering linen variety daily.
    • Valves have also been fitted to all public toilet and staff urinals to reduce volumes of water consumed in all hotels.

Food & Beverage

    • Endangered species of fish removed from all outlet menus.
    • Red Tractor chicken incorporated into our general group menus.
    • Use of tinfoil / cling film removed from all room service orders.
    • Meat and vegetable food suppliers now supply produce in reusable plastic containers.
    • Watt Farms appointed as our new fruit & vegetables supplier based in Orpington, traditionally growers of herbs and vegetables for the supermarkets and wholesalers. They grow 35-40 different products on approximately 1000 acres and source another 20-30 lines from surrounding farms, thus again radically increasing the percentage of British grown products and reducing the carbon footprint.
    • Dairystix milk sachets introduced for in-room tea/coffee facilities as they are better quality, longer shelf life.


  • Responsible business mission statement & ethos incorporated into staff induction process & in all in-room guest compendiums.
  • Carbon footprint measurement calculated for each hotel.
  • Recycling of used toner cartridges with supplies team.
  • World Childhood Foundation designated as nominated charity for the entire group. Each hotel also supports a local community charity.
  • Bicycle rack facilities established at each hotel.
  • Energy efficiency & environmental awareness online training via Safety media introduced into mandatory training schedules for all departments in 2010.
  • All printed collateral is now printed on recycled paper in all hotels.
  • Email option had been made default setting for all purchase orders rather than printed version.
  • Duplex printing options added to all main photocopier/printers across the group.

Spa and Wellness Responsible Business Policy

We, the management and staff of the spas at Edwardian Hotels London, are committed to both improving our overall ecological and water footprint in all areas of spa management and operations, and providing a guest experience that incorporates the most natural and organic products possible.