Spa & Gym at Manchester
The Spa & Gym, Manchester
East River Spa Canary Wharf
East River Spa Canary Wharf
May Fair Spa
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Edwardian Hotels London spa brands

East River Spa

Located in London’s bustling financial district, East River Spa at Canary Wharf specialises in the art of relaxation and leaves guests refreshed, revived and revitalised.

The Spa & Gym

The ultimate escape for mind and body, discover a heavenly spa retreat like no other in the heart of Manchester. Experience the absolute best in pampering with blissful, deeply relaxing treatments, carried out by our highly trained therapists. Start your wellness journey today.

May Fair Spa

Retreat into the heart of London’s most luxury quarter and behold an inner sanctuary of calm and relaxation. With treatments, health and wellbeing experiences bespoke to individual needs (and using only organic products), you’ll discover a renewed you in body and soul.

Spa & Gym Heathrow

The Spa & Gym at Radisson Blu Edwardian, Heathrow welcomes you to a serene ESPA urban retreat. Put yourself entirely in our care and let us put time on hold. Emerge indulged, energised and assured of lasting results.